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About Us

Our team

Our team are experienced management consultants who can quickly understand the context of what you are strategically trying to achieve and then help you achieve it.

This has led to being core contributors to the new British Standard (BS 31111) Cyber Risk and Resilience: Guidance for Boards and Executive Management, due to be published in 2017.  We have also provided a chapter to the recently published, Managing Cybersecurity Risk - How Directors and Corporate Officers can protect their businesses.

Our approach

We seek to understand your organization's context, aims and objectives.  We take a collaborative, discovery driven and integrated approach.  Consequently we work both directly with clients or via partners depending what will achieve the best outcomes.

Our experience includes working in the UK and internationally in the following sectors: Energy, Oil & Gas; Financial Services; Sport; Academic; Recruitment; Defence; and Law Enforcement

Throughout we focus on aligning and delivering 3 themes: Governance; Risk Management; and Capability 

Our mission

To help our clients become more agile and resilient, in order to achieve their vision and goals.


Organisational Resilience Maturity and GDPR Assessments

A Discovery service to assess an Organization's Resilience Maturity, drawing from best practice in ISO  22316:2017 (Principles of Organisational Resilience); BS 31111:2018 (Cyber Risk and Resilience) and other sources of standards and empirical evidence.

The purpose is to provide Boards and Executive Management with a strategic tool to help inform their investment and strategy decisions.   

Awareness, Education and Exercises

A variety of awareness, education and scenario based events aimed at Boards and Executive Management; Manager and Staff.

The purpose is to help individuals and groups to take ownership, develop mastery and be better empowered to navigate the opportunities and risks of the Digital Age.

Courses include:

GDPR Awareness and Practioner

Organizational Cyber Risk and Resilience

Board Advisory and Consultancy

Advisory Services for Boards so they can draw upon independent advice for organisational resilience, cyber risk and GDPR.

Practical consultancy, including GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service, to enable strategic alignment and delivery between Governance; Risk Management; and Capability.

The purpose is to help ensure an organisation's can seize the opportunities and become more agile (anticipatory, responsive, robust, flexible and adaptable) to grow and prosper in the complex, dynamic and uncertain hyper-connected Digital Age.. 

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